Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Branding With Banners

You might have heard that banner advertising is dead. Nothing
could be further from the truth! If you can find a banner
exchange that gives you a decent ratio you can begin branding of
your site, and branding may be the one thing you MUST do to get
and keep business.

Banner ads and banner exchanges are great tools for branding your
site. Even better, most banner ads can be shown for free through
banner swaps. It isn't necessary to purchase ads to have a
successful branding campaign.

You must however, remember the most important part about using
banners for branding --The Brand! Never create a banner, button,
or other graphic to submit to any exchange be it banner ads,
reciprocal links, etc., that does not have your name, logo, or
tag line (Slogan) on it.

Try to get two of the three on it if you can, and always have a
call to action on the banner; such as, "Click here!", "Sign up
today!", or "Limited Time!" to get the viewer to click on the
link and visit your site.

Whether they purchase or not is not important - well, not the
main thing -- getting your brand (Site, name, product, etc.) in
front of the potential customer is the goal for a first time
viewer of your banner.

The whole idea behind branding is getting your name or face out
there over and over again so people who are surfing see you
everywhere they go!

Are you more likely to purchase a product from someone you have
never heard of or someone you know has been around a long time
because you remember their name, logo or tag line? "Surely they
must be legit, or I would not see them advertised everywhere!" is
what you want people to think whenever they see your ad or are at
your site and getting ready to make a purchase.

The biggest mistake people make is expecting a huge click through
rate on a banner the very first time it is put out there and then
quitting when that does not happen. Don't think of banner ads as
a one-time thing. People rarely click on a banner the first,
second or even third time they see it.

Think of a banner ad as your big golden arches. The first time
you see it you ask, "What is it?"

The second time you see it, you remember, "Oh yes that's that
hamburger place."

And maybe the third time you see it you say, "Hey, I think I will
try one of those hamburgers!"

Hopefully, by the third, fourth or fifth time someone sees your
name or logo on a banner ad they will "Try your burger" too!

Here are some resources to give you a start:

Banner Exchanges:


This list updated 4/16/05

The one I recommend is BannersGoMLM.


They give you a 1 to 1 ratio and you can earn banner exposures

based on the credits earned by people who sign up through you.

Some others you can try out are:

BannerSwap (http://www.bannerswap.com)

Offers a 1:2 ratio and supports following banner dimensions:

468x60; 500x350; 160x600; 88x31; 468x60 Flash Banners

Exchange-it (http://www.exchange-it.com)

Offers a 2:1 ratio; 468x60 banners

WorldBE ( http://www.worldbe.com)

Offers the top 50% performing members an exchange ratio of 1:1.

The next-best performing 25% of members receive a 4:3 exchange

ratio while the last 25% receive a 2:1 exchange ratio.

123Banners: (http://www.123banners.com)

Offers a 2:1 ratio; 468x60 banners

Link Buddies: (http://linkbuddies.com)

Established in 1997!

Click Through Ratio* Exchange Rate

Top 1% of all LinkBuddies Members 1:1

Top 10% of all LinkBuddies Members 4:3

Top 25% of all LinkBuddies Members 3:2

Top 75% of all LinkBuddies Members 2:1

Top 90% of all LinkBuddies Members 5:2

Bottom 10% of all LinkBuddies Members 10:1

All LinkBuddies member needs to achieve 100 impressions within
two weeks to be eligible for sliding exchange rates.

Provides you an easy-to-use three step wizard to create up to ten

banners. 468x60 banners

Online Banner Creation Sites:




Here are some places you can create banners (and buttons and
other linked graphics) "on the fly" so to speak. The ones I have
listed here are free, there are tons more that have annual fees.
Some of the ones below also offer a "for fee" version. Be sure to
read all of their rules for using their services and finished
banners - usually called "Terms of Service".

Creative Connectivity: (http://www.crecon.com/banners.html)

The original one I have used for years until I got the nifty
little software program from Xara.

Banner Creator: http://www.bannercreator.nu/ main page the
banner generator is here:

Banner Forge http://bannerforge.com All the standard sizes plus a
120x240 vertical size.



These sites charge an annual or per banner fee, but you usually
get a larger choice of graphics and a better customization
service. Some are do-it-yourself and others are professional
services that have graphic artists create your banner for you.

Be sure to read all of their rules for using their services and
finished banners - usually called "Terms of Service".

http://www.quickbanner.com Nice looking banners of all sizes.
Flash and other advanced banners starting at $14.95. You can
still get some .GIF banners (468x60) and buttons (88x33) for

Cool Banners: (http://coolbanners.com): Fees range from $50 for
smaller button-type banners to $300 dollars for interactive html

Strategic Solutions: (http://www.ss-banners.com/ ) Standard size
banners (486x60) as static, html, animated or flash. Prices range
from $75 - $300 plus a "rush fee" of $200 for 24 hour turnaround.

Where to Place Your Banners:


You know where to start, now you have to decide where to put
those banners you are swapping. It is better to link to a sub
page than your homepage so target the offers on your banners (Not
leaving off your logo or name though!) to specific pages on your

Do you offer a newsletter?

Great! Put that information on a banner and link it to your sign up page.

Do you sell software?

Put that on a banner and link it to your software description / order page. And so on until you have people coming in from all over.

If you have created your site correctly with links to all the
other pages easily accessible on every page, then visitors will
find your other content even though they did not come in from the
"front door".


Don't forget to put a sign up form on every page for your news-
letter and a link for swapping links or classified ads. If you do
not know how to do this or don't have a newsletter or swap links
page set up find the tutorials you need to set them up at


Once you have your banners out there, don't slack off! Go back to
the exchanges you joined and see how the banners are doing. If
you have one that is doing nothing and it has been up for awhile
(giving it a chance to be seen several times by surfers) pull it
and put up another one instead.

Try animated against non-animated, bright colors against flashy fonts, etc., until you find that perfect set of three or four banners that work well for you consistently.

Once you have your select banners, rotate them amongst the
different exchange services. A banner that isn't new on Banner
Exchange A can be swapped to banner Exchange B and start out new
again! After that, move it to Banner Exchange C, until you rotate
it back to where you started- and guess what? Enough time has
passed that you can use it in Banner Exchange A again and it is
fresh all over again.

Ok, now that you are all ready to brand yourself- get out there
and start submitting your banner!

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