Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easy And Effective Karate Moves

Karate is a part of martial arts. Karate techniques are not hard to master. You just have to concentrate on the target and the right move will give you success. Karate are most probably used for defensive approach as well as considered to be a game in china, Japan and some other countries. But worldwide karate is now getting popularity as self-defense techniques. Let's discuss some of the easy and effective karate moves you can also adopt to defend yourself.

To follow easy and effective moves you need to know the basics of karate. Basic moves start with three major points.
• Perfect relationship between feet and ground, as the karate start from ground.
• For stable karate stances and kicks you need to use your knees, ankles, legs and hips.
• For strikes and blocks you need to use the upper body that includes shoulders, arms, elbows, hands and your back.

First I would like to introduce the basic techniques of karate.

Karate includes five fundamentals or basic techniques, which further sub divides into variations. They are,

• Karate stances
• Karate kicks
• Karate strikes
• Karate punches and
• Karate blocks

Stances are common to all type of karate and considered to be first step in karate training. Stances are combat postures that keep your body balanced. Correct practice of postures like a frozen leg if point in time will really give a positive result and the defense will be maximized.

Good karate kicks are quite powerful. A perfect kick needs flexibility and stable stance. Every single part of the foot will result in different way. The heel, ball, edges of the foot, all are used for kicking. Kicks are easy for target but hard to master for the come back of foot, which is called landing. So it needs control on the knee and balance before and after kicking.

Strikes apply both on hands and legs. In hands arms and fist are used to defend. The joints play vital role in striking. Strikes are one of the vital moves and strikes on sensitive body parts like nose, neck, throat and ear will help karate trained person to over take the situation.

Karate Punches:
Punches and strikes are similar but punches use only the knuckles of the fist. Fast repetition of punches is effective for defensive measures. In my opinion punches are the best and easiest to follow as the feet are on ground and you can position a fist easily.

Karate Blocks:
Blocks as the name depicts are the defensive moves on counter attack. Most karate blocks are hands moves but legs can also be trained. To block needs perfect timing and it might save your life.

In short I discussed some of the basic, easy and effective karate moves. Remember karate moves practiced correctly are great karate. A little attention will make your karate very special.

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